Competitions & Events

Our efforts to educate, advise, and support UCF’s student entrepreneurs are part of a grander scheme to create a thriving community of practice that supports professional development and new venture startup in Central Florida.  This require creating occasions for students, faculty, advisors, alumni, and other community leaders to meet and mingle.  It also requires designing activities that promote values and methods associated with successful startup development, launch, and growth.

Thus, there are methods underlying the madness experienced at all of our competitions, campus meetups, and community connection events.  Broadly, these events are designed to encourage blue-sky ideation, support relentless execution, and connect human and other resources needed to turn ideas into enriching realities.  The shared values, language, practices, and relationships gained from these engagements provide a foundation for a robust culture of entrepreneurship on campus and throughout our community.  Join us in making entrepreneurship an essential part of the UCF experience!