Entrepreneurial problem-solving and leadership skills are a great way to enhance the value of the disciplinary expertise associated with any graduate degree. Put simply, knowing how to do/make something is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for success. One also needs to know how to create value and deliver solutions for others. We encourage you to review the program descriptions below to see how they might complement your graduate education and career aspirations. Please call our Graduate Programs office at 407-235-3917 with application, admission, and administrative questions, or email Dr. Cameron Ford at if you have any questions about our courses or curriculum.

Entrepreneurship Certificate

This certificate program provides knowledge and skills commonly used by those who create and manage new business ventures. This certificate may be especially useful to those working in fields where employment is often dominated by small firms such as accounting, hospitality, digital media, art, music, and health-related disciplines. Each course balances theoretical insights and tactical knowledge reflecting current research and practice. Click here to see a complete description.

Required Courses - 9 Credit Hours

  • GEB 6115 - Entrepreneurship
  • GEB 6116 - Business Plan Formation (prerequisite: GEB 6115)
  • GEB 6518 - Strategic Innovation or MAN 5867 - Small Business Consulting

Technology Ventures Certificate

This certificate program offers a specialized understanding of the distinctive challenges associated with creating and managing technology or science-based ventures. This certificate program can benefit those interested in creating and growing technology-based business ventures, including startups, corporate ventures and spin outs. The associated courses offer insight into opportunity assessment, innovation diffusion, intellectual property issues, university-industry collaboration, technology business strategies, and business plan formulation. Click here to see a complete description.

Required Courses - 9 Credit Hours

  • GEB 5516 - Technological Entrepreneurship
  • GEB 6518 - Strategic Innovation
  • GEB 6116 - Business Plan Formation (prerequisite: GEB 6115 or GEB 6518)

Course Descriptions

GEB 5516 - Technological Entrepreneurship: Focus of the course is on identification, evaluation and commercialization of new technologies. Emphasis will be placed on the legal, financial and strategy aspects of technology transfer and development.

GEB 6115 – Entrepreneurship: Seminar on topics concerning the entrepreneurial process in small and large organizations, including needs assessment, sources and methods of innovation, financing, and barriers to entrepreneurship.

GEB 6116 - Business Plan Formation: Professional development and preparation of company business plan. Full analysis of plan and outside evaluation and ranking.

GEB 6518 - Strategic Innovation: An in-depth examination of strategic and innovation processes as they relate to emerging technologies from invention to commercialization.

MAN 5867 - Small Business Consulting: Hands-on small business consulting course. Students are assigned teams and work with a local small business.