I-Corps Program


I-Corps offers students, faculty, and experienced business leaders with seed funding (approximately $2500) and an opportunity to work together to commercialize research-based innovations. This National Science Foundation (NSF) program teaches participants the fundamentals of “lean startup” methodologies which, similar to the scientific method, require participants to design experiments and collect data to assess the commercial

potential of their innovations. At the end of the program, participants typically learn about new applications and markets for their innovations, and develop new relationships that may support future research, commercialization, and startup efforts.

Programs typically run for five weeks and involve a significant investment of time and attention (10-20 hours per week). However, I-Corps offers strong returns on these investments. For example, since the program is funded by the NSF, teams earn “lineage” which improves the odds of earning additional I-Corps, SBIR, and other significant startup grants. Other benefits include:

  • Learn about technology commercialization and business strategy
  • Gain insights into new applications for UCF innovations
  • Develop entrepreneurial problem-solving skills
  • Develop a professional network capable of supporting innovation-based startups

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