Mentor Network

UCF’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is committed to helping students to develop professional connections that can support the development of their startup ventures.  We do this by inviting community leaders to campus each week to participate in workshops and coaching sessions, and by hosting events on campus and in the community where students and experienced professionals can meet, mingle, and coalesce a community of practice that supports startup ventures.  

The best way for students to benefit from our network of experienced, expert mentors is to show up and be engaged:

  • Attend LaunchPad workshops and engage our speakers when the workshop ends.  Our guest speakers always make time for interested students. 
  • Schedule coaching sessions and invest in the development of your own ideas.  Our coaches and staff will get to know you, and will be sure you know about upcoming opportunities to rub elbows with Central Florida’s finest startup supporters.
  • Share your current challenges with our coaches.  Our coaches may connect you with trustworthy mentors in our network who can advance your proposal with specific advice or access to specialized resources.  
  • Enter a competition or nominate your venture for a showcase event.  This will put you and your venture proposal in front of top contributors to our entrepreneurship initiatives who generously offer feedback and support to students seeking to launch their ventures. 

Startup is a team sport – get in the game and build relationships that will help you develop your skills and your new venture proposals!