Our Mission & Values


Our mission and values are motivated by several important beliefs:

  1. Entrepreneurial skills are necessary for professional success in uncertain, rapidly changing economies
  2. Entrepreneurial skills are based on teachable methods 
  3. Entrepreneurial leaders are problem-solvers who create value for others
  4. Entrepreneurial leaders pursue opportunity, reallocate resources, and promote innovation in all types of organizations
  5. Entrepreneurial leaders are essential to creating opportunities that enrich our economy and community

Thus, our mission is to:

  • Introduce UCF students to entrepreneurship as a viable career path,
  • Empower UCF students with entrepreneurial problem-solving and leadership skills,
  • Guide UCF students' venture development efforts, and
  • Fortify UCF students and recent alumni with resources that promote startup success.

The values that promote our mission and inform our conduct include:

  • Student Development - We prepare students with entrepreneurial thinking skills needed to become agile professionals who create opportunities throughout their professional lifespan.

  • Self Determination - We help students improve their entrepreneurial skills related to formulating, evaluating, and investing in opportunities of their own choosing.

  • Connectivity - We help students connect to useful resources and trustworthy advisers at UCF and in the community that support our students' professional development and startup efforts.

  • Community - We contribute to an entrepreneurial campus community and culture by offering events and celebrating successes that convey entrepreneurial language, beliefs, and values.

  • Safe Practices - We encourage engagement and learning by providing safe settings for students to experiment, practice, and share startup experiences.

  • Intellectual Leadership - We are committed to creating and delivering models, methods, and experiences that leverage the best ideas from current entrepreneurship research and practice.

Recent quotes that illustrate and inspire our mission

The days of the Organization Man are long past. When you know what Business Pain you solve, who has it, who’s likely to get it and what it costs the people who suffer from it, you have power. When you wait for your boss or your boss’s boss to decide what happens next in your career and float down the lazy river hoping that everything works out in the end, you have lost control of your own career, and therefore your life.

Liz Ryan, Forbes 08/13/15

Entrepreneurship [is] a method of human action, comparable to social forces such as democracy and the scientific method, namely, a powerful way of tackling large and abiding problems at the heart of advancing our species. Entrepreneurship, in this view, becomes even more than a specific set of skills; it becomes a generalized method such as the scientific method—a form of reasoning and logic the exercise of which would be as useful a skill as arithmetic, reading, writing, and basic scientific reasoning (Sarasvathy, 2008).

Saras D. Sarasvathy & Sankaran Venkataraman (2011), University of Virginia

Entrepreneurship is a form of social responsibility. What entrepreneurs do is they implement innovations. They take new ideas, better ideas, faster ideas, less expensive ideas and they make things better. Social revolutions don't achieve these results. Political elections don't achieve these results. Legislation doesn't achieve these results. Entrepreneurship is how we get better.

Dr. William Scott Green, Founder of the LaunchPad at the University of Miami

Entrepreneurial leadership is not synonymous with entrepreneurship. It is a new model of leadership. Entrepreneurs, and the specific discipline of entrepreneurship, are often focused on new venture creation. Entrepreneurial leaders, on the other hand, also pursue opportunities outside startup ventures. These leaders are ready to challenge, change, and create new ways to address social, environmental, and economic problems through these different organizations. Entrepreneurial leaders are united by their ability to think and act differently to improve their organizations and the world.

Danna Greenberg, Kate McKone-Sweet, H. James Wilson (2011), The New Entrepreneurial Leader

Central Florida is a byproduct of the state that has historically underfunded universities and other things that help communities thrive. We neglect crucial components of strong economies – such as education and venture capital. And then we wonder by we rank dead last when it comes to low wages. Dead. Last. (50th for most jobs paying less $25K and fewest jobs paying more than $50K)

Scott Maxwell, Orlando Sentinel 9/14/13