Welcome to UCF’s Startup Community Center! The StarterSpace welcomes students from ALL academic disciplines to meet, collaborate, and noodle with startup ideas. Whiteboard surfaces surround visitors so that every idea can be captured and shared. We also provide visitors with opportunities to play with versatile tools and technologies to promote ideation and collaboration (VR systems, 3D scanning/printing, sewing equipment, etc.). Most importantly, however, the StarterSpace encourages people from different disciplines to join forces to solve important problems.

We host meetups and other high-energy events that encourage (or require!) students from different disciplines to meet and share ideas. Whether you think of yourself as a hacker, hipster, or hustler, we encourage you to visit and find others who can help you realize the potential of your ideas. Visit our event calendar here to learn more about our UCF startup community events.

Summer Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 10 AM-5 PM.

Fall/Spring Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 10 AM-9 PM. Friday 10 AM-4 PM.

Startup Innovations & Inspirations

  • Starter Meetups

    If you come on the right night, and our StarterSpace staff are in a party mood, they might set out our cornhole game, ping pong table, or Rock Band equipment to help you connect with others. Don’t miss our Starter Meetup events when we organize competitions among teams of startup hackers, hustlers and hipsters.
  • 3D Printing & Scanning

    The ability to create physical models, laser scan them to create easily-edited digital models, and printing digital models as physical objects is a common way to speed design processes and reduce risk during the startup process. We want students from all disciplines to experience these potentially transformational technologies. We also think it’s cool that we bought our 3D printer from a startup led by UCF alumni called Delta Maker.
  • Digital Design

    We offer MAC workstations with Adobe Creative Cloud software to enable students to develop logo, flyer, brochure, and other graphic designs. These designs can be shared as a means of generating feedback on venture ideas, reducing risk, and co-creating solutions with potential customers and partners. They can also spice up a preliminary website or launch a successful Kickstarter campaign.
  • Virtual Reality

    Our students love the new and upcoming virtual reality technology. So much so, that we've had major success allowing students to use our Oculus Rift virtual reality setup. As of now, the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership provides student free access to use our new HTC Vive technology.
  • Apparel Design

    Who knew that so many UCF students were interested in creating apparel and launching apparel companies? In an effort to provide students with tools to create sample apparel items, we purchased a sewing machine and related accessories and developed a series of “how to” videos. We can supply the tread, but bring your own materials!
  • Visual Design

    We also offer basic art supplies and a drafting table for students who prefer to go “old school” bringing their visions to life. Drawing supplies can be used to sketch logos, facility designs, or anything else one can imagine.  Clay can be used to create visual models that can be scanned, digitized and edited in preparation for 3D printing preliminary design ideas.