Student Startups

What happens when creative, coachable, persistent and resourceful students connect with experts, partners, and free startup resources? They begin an engaging, amazing, enriching, life-changing journey toward self-actualization and meaningful contributions to noble purposes. We believe that all entrepreneurial journeys are enriching with respect to developing self-awareness, versatile problem-solving skills, and professional connections. However, some journeys lead to launching new ventures that generate revenue, employment, and wealth. We’d like you to meet a few of our current students’ and recent alumni’s ventures, and encourage you support their efforts.

  • Zupp

    Party Tutor's big brother, Zupp is the ultimate guide to experiencing the best local events in Orlando.

  • USA Shoe Company Standard

    Leading the corporate entertainment shoe-service in America, USA Shoe Company Standard has the functional expertise, development, production capabilities and customer service skills beyond anyone in the industry. Comprised of craftsman, fixers and artisans, we mass repair!

  • Unitty Backpacks

    One Backpack. Unlimited Designs.

  • Thor ORE

    Thor ORE was founded in July 2015 to deal with the exponentially growing problem of Phosphogypsum and reconstituting it into usable minerals for the generation of power, construction materials or otherwise.

  • Teeps

    These recent alums have launched one of Orlando’s rising app development firms, have appeared on FOX news, and are on their way to seven-digit revenue this year.

  • Talon Simulations

    Located in Orlando, FL, Talon Simulations, LLC is a small business specializing in hardware/software integration of low cost vehicle simulations. Their passion is to create the most immersive and realistic experiences at a price point that is more accessible to larger audiences.

  • Tailored Styles

    Eco-friendly bamboo socks- in a nutshell. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, which makes it a sustainable resource, thus bamboo is the way to go. Tailored Styles provides softer, more eco-friendly and luxurious socks.

  • Stranded Bracelets

    Handcrafted, waxed polyester bracelets in a variety of gemstones, colors & designs.

  • Schoolflow

    School planning software seeks to integrate online learning in a streamlined, efficient and comprehensive way on students’ mobile devices.

  • Rope Lace Supply

    Rope Lace Supply is a shoe lace brand that offers a variety of unique and innovative shoe laces giving people the ability to add color and personality to any sneaker. With over 100 colors to choose from, you'll be sure to find something you'll love.

  • Party Tutor

    Party Tutor was created by students for students. It wraps up the entire college experience into one easy-to-use app and website. It helps you find the best specials and deals for local bars, restaurants, apartments, and local businesses around campus.

  • O’Dang Hummus

    The “Ben & Jerry’s of Hummus”. After winning big on ABC’s Shark Tank, O’Dang Hummus has launched into stores, including Whole Foods and Publix, and is only getting bigger.

  • myLoop

    MyLoop is a social platform that connects your professional and personal networks. We've created an environment for users to engage in meaningful, community-driven connections allowing people within their own community to connect, thrive and enhance their business relationships.

  • My Content Lab

    MyContentHub makes Social Media Marketing Easy! They can integrate the Buffer Application to streamline Social Media Content Directly to Your Online Channels.

  • MG Caliches, Inc.

    A cleaning company focused on providing the best cleaning service for physician offices, as well as, increasing job opportunities across central Florida.

  • Markee Marine

    A "one-solution" service provider for today's yacht owners.


    The future of BMX! They sell shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers. Everything we put out is of the best quality and we stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Limbitless Solutions

    A group of prosthetic design innovators that became an Internet sensation promoting UCF; recently provided an Iron Man designed prosthetic arm to a child in need.

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