Supporting Our Students


The CEL is making entrepreneurship an essential part of the UCF experience.  However, the UCF Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership does not receive recurring state or university funding to support our initiatives or our students. Thus, we encourage forward-thinking individuals and community-minded companies to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs through donations and sponsorships that can sustain the opportunities the CEL makes available to all UCF students.

The CEL is a very resourceful agency that offers opportunities to thousands of outstanding students despite a modest budget. We assure interested investors that funds will be spent directly on student offerings, and students will realize significant returns from contributions. Sponsors will also enjoy a variety of promotional benefits on campus commensurate with the level of their investments. If you are interested in supporting the development of UCF Knights’ entrepreneurial leadership skills and ability to contribute to our region’s well-being, we encourage you to contact our development staff. We genuinely appreciate your support.

For donations please contact Tara Kemmerling at
For company sponsorships please contact Jennifer Johnson at