We are making entrepreneurship an essential part of the UCF experience.

We believe all UCF students can benefit from taking steps to develop as entrepreneurial leaders. They face a professional future that may span over 50 years. Most will need to reinvent and reposition themselves occasionally, and perhaps radically, to pursue emerging opportunities and avoid obsolescence. Thinking of college as a means of getting a particular job is severely limiting. Alternatively, embracing the higher education experience as the beginning a journey – one that continually engages, challenges, and expands professional capabilities – prepares one to grow, change and meet the demands of subsequent adventures.

Students who invest in entrepreneurial leadership capabilities are well positioned to enjoy sought-after career outcomes such as:

  • Contributing to a meaningful purpose and making a difference
  • Doing work that they love — pursuing a passion
  • Having opportunities to realize their own ideas
  • Being their own boss
  • Earning a good income

The CEL’s well-integrated and mutually-reinforcing initiatives can help UCF students get where they want to go. ALL initiatives are available to ALL UCF students from ALL academic disciplines and programs. We like to describe ourselves as “non-denominational” with respect to academic disciplines. We encourage students to join us for a class, advising session, meetup, workshop, competition, or other events to learn more about how entrepreneurial leadership skills can contribute to your future success.

We encourage you to learn more about our initiatives by reviewing the information on our website. You can also stay “in the know” by registering for our weekly newsletter or following us on social media from our homepage. What are you waiting for? It’s time to GET STARTED!

Our Mission

We strive to make entrepreneurship a viable career option.

Our mission and values are motivated by several evidence-based assumptions:

  • Entrepreneurial skills are necessary for professional success in uncertain, rapidly changing economies.
  • Entrepreneurial skills are based on teachable methods.
  • Entrepreneurial leaders are problem-solvers who create value for others.
  • Entrepreneurial leaders pursue opportunity, reallocate resources, and promote innovation in all types of organizations.
  • Entrepreneurial leaders are essential to creating opportunities that enrich our economy and community.

Thus, our mission is to:

  • Introduce our university students to entrepreneurship as a viable career path.
  • Empower our university students with entrepreneurial problem-solving and leadership skills.
  • Guide our university students’ venture development efforts.
  • Fortify our university students and recent alumni with resources that promote startup success.

We seek to fulfill this mission by offering the following initatives:

  • Undergraduate courses and programs
  • Graduate courses and programs
  • Expert one-on-one advising
  • Workshops, guest speakers, and networking events
  • Signature showcase events and competitions
  • Research resources and tools
  • Interdisciplinary workspaces and meeting rooms
  • Connections to community mentors and resources

The values that promote our mission and inform our conduct include:

  • Student Development – We prepare students with entrepreneurial thinking skills needed to become agile professionals who create opportunities throughout their professional lifespan.
  • Self Determination – We help students improve their entrepreneurial skills related to formulating, evaluating, and investing in opportunities of their choosing.
  • Connectivity – We help students connect to useful resources and trustworthy advisers as UCF and in the community that support our students’ professional development and startup efforts.
  • Community  – We contribute to an entrepreneurial campus community and culture by offering events and celebrating successes that convey entrepreneurial language.
  • Safe Practices  – We encourage engagement and learning by providing safe settings for students to experiment, practice, and share startup experiences.
  • Intellectual Leadership – We are committed to creating and delivering models, methods, and experiences that leverage the best ideas from current entrepreneurship research and practice.

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