Our Mission

The UCF Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership helps UCF students succeed by empowering them with entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets. Entrepreneurial leadership capabilities are essential to creating value, making a difference, and experiencing personal and professional fulfillment. Entrepreneurial leaders make things better by creating and leading innovative startups, corporate venture, and government initiatives that enrich our lives, our economy, and our society.

Why we do it:

Entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets improve professional agility and resilience needed to pursue emerging opportunities and avoid obsolescence.

How we do it:

We connect our students with experienced mentors and eager peers as they continue to explore their venture’s possibilities, we empower our students to learn about entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets so that they can execute their startup concept successfully, and we help students create solutions and foster new ventures by providing free startup knowledge and hosting events and competitions with payouts of up to $75,000 in cash and prizes. With the resources and opportunities we provide, student starters can succeed by doing what they love.