The Joust New Venture Competition 2016 selections have been made! Here are the 16 participants that will be jousting on Friday, April 15.

Thor ORE

Joust Participant(s): Dylan Weitzman

Extracting critical materials such as Rare Earth Elements and Uranium from waste streams of the Wet Phosphoric Acid Process used in Fertilizer production.

Capacitech Energy, LLC

Joust Participant(s): Joe Sleppy, Jessica Smith, Anjali Ramkarran, Dylam Halim

We propose a Cable Based Super Capacitor – CSC – which can simultaneously store and transport electricity by combining a copper wire and a super capacitor (two very common technologies).


Joust Participant(s): Courtney Astore, Rebecca Elsishans

Genes4Vaccines is a software with an implemented algorithm to aid in predicting safe and immunogenic vaccines for early stages of vaccine research and discovery.

Talking Stick

Joust Participant(s): Ben Gauthier

Talking Stick is an app where you can watch or join live, real-time conversations around any topic.


Joust Participant(s): James Kerr, Shawn Upson, Luke Cresante

DealPeel is a universal rewards platform that enables consumers to earn points (called ‘puntos’) at one business and cash them in at another for free or discounted goods and services.


Joust Participant(s): Dong Zhang, Sarfaraz Hussein

Text detection, recognition in videos for automatic translation, virtual reality and healthcare applications.


Joust Participant(s): Matthew White

The most innovative anti-theft product/service for vehicles and their accessories.


Joust Participant(s): Ty Nelson, Cole Crews, Jordan Markus

VenuSimple links consumers, venues and vendors on one scheduling, planning and booking platform that cuts event planning from months down to under 1 hour!

 Zuke Music

Joust Participant(s): Arielle Cohen, Zachary Shea

Zuke Music is a web and mobile platform enabling better music creation, collaboration, and promotion.


Joust Participant(s): Ayhan Konar, Brandon Hok

At NativeNow, we bring the country to you by reverse-engineering language learning and utilizing emerging technologies to engage all your senses and give you the most authentic, immersive experience ever.

Placeholder Storage

Joust Participant(s): Christopher Rodbourne, Nicholas Patricio

Placeholder Storage acquires poorly managed and older storage facilities with retiring owners and then reduces costs by automating and digitizing management, while also improving security, re-branding and updating design, and adding amenities to the facility to increase its occupancy rate.


Joust Participant(s): Luisinho Alvarado, Steven Parra

Live tutorials of any kinesthetic discipline that focuses on chroma key compositing to synchronize movement between instructor and student on-screen display.

Wawwe Inc

Joust Participant(s): Rafaela Frota, Dylan D’Orazio

Wawwe is a concierge to healthy eating and a hub for nutritional awareness that is fueled by big data and driven by your dietary preferences and needs.

Unitty Backpacks

Joust Participant(s): Ariel Maroniene, Brandon Shaneyfelt

Unitty Backpacks is a creative and innovative company that provides simplistic and efficient solutions for skaters and commuters.


Joust Participant(s): David Nash

We are providing law enforcement with a new presumptive drug testing system that is more accurate and safer than the current methods.

Enerzen LLC

Joust Participant(s): Franz Valencia

First functional well-being beverage that provides ultimate hydration, energy, and help alleviate stress, anxiety at a healthier alternative.
Good luck to all of the participants and we hope to see everyone on the 15th. This event is open to the general public.

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