Retrieved from Talon Simulations has been the distributor of UK based Atomic Motion Systems’ products in North and South America since October 2015, however, we have now entered into an agreement to begin the manufacturing of Atomic’s flagship A3 simulator in the US.

James Milne, Managing Director of Atomic Motion Systems, said “This is a natural evolution of our partnership with Talon, who have been assembling and distributing the A3 in North America for 20 months.  From an efficiency perspective, it makes sense to expand our manufacturing base, but we were only ready to do this once we found a partner like Talon, who have the expertise to replicate the manufacturing quality of the patented A3 simulator.”

Brandon Naids, CEO of Talon Simulations, said, “Interest in motion simulation has grown rapidly with the emergence of virtual reality and manufacturing the A3 here in the US will allow us to respond to this growing market with an impressive range of exciting VR experiences.

Integrating virtual reality headsets with the platform is Talon’s specialty so it was only natural to figure out a way to allow the HTC Vive to work with the motion base.  The limiting factor was the two tracking cameras that are required for the headset.  These are supposed to be mounted to a wall or on tripods to provide positional tracking, allowing you to move around in the virtual environment.  When you do this on a motion simulator, however, you would get thrown outside of the car or roller coaster that you are riding because it thinks you are walking around.

This is why it was necessary to create software that would allow the motion of the simulator to be cancelled out of the headset so the simulator could move around and have the visuals remain static.

With this tool now in hand, HTC was more than happy to bring Talon on board as a value-added reseller to package the Vive Business Edition with their simulators for customers looking for the latest in virtual reality technology.

With all of these exciting partnerships in place, we found it time to launch an exciting, one of a kind experience which you can only get through Talon Simulations.   Watch a video of “Cyber Gunner” in action at the link below!

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