Undergraduate Programs


Entrepreneurship is often defined as “pursuing opportunities regardless of the resources one controls.” The UCF Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in the College of Business Administration has created entrepreneurship programs to suit undergraduate students in all academic disciplines. Take a look at our curriculum offerings to see which ones best suit your needs and interests.

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Entrepreneurial thinking skills that help individuals recognize opportunities, organize resources, and implement plans are essential to launching new companies and innovative corporate ventures. The entrepreneurship certificate provides students with an interdisciplinary, experiential opportunity to learn how to develop and launch new ventures in a variety of industry settings. The certificate requires students to be admitted into a selective two-course New Venture Development cohort program that engages interdisciplinary teams in the process of designing and launching a new venture. The certificate is open to students in any discipline who are interested in innovation and new venture startup processes.

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Entrepreneurship Minor

All UCF Undergraduates have the opportunity to realize their professional goals through the Entrepreneurship Minor. The 18-credit minor complements any degree program, providing students with business insights that are focused on career development more than ownership.

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Technological Entrepreneurship Minor

The Technological Entrepreneurship Minor offers students an opportunity to blend deep discipline-specific expertise with broad entrepreneurial thinking skills. Combining disciplinary depth with entrepreneurial breadth promotes the introduction of innovations to society and creates economic rewards to those who champion those innovations. This minor will prepare students in any engineering, science, technology or business discipline to create, enhance or manage a technology venture.

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Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Courses

ENT 3613 – Creativity and Entrepreneurship

This course portrays entrepreneurship as a creative problem solving process emphasizing opportunity recognition, resourcefulness, and leadership that results in startup, social, government and corporate ventures. Fall, Spring

ENT 4013 – New Venture Design

Applied course which focuses on the creation, evaluation, development and launch readiness of a new business or social venture. Fall, Spring

ENT 4014 – New Venture Implementation

Develops procedure by which start-up businesses can implement a well-researched business model by planning standard business functions necessary to launch the venture. Fall, Spring 

ENT 4183 – Technological Entrepreneurship

How technology and innovation processes affect social and organizational change, and the distinct challenges associated with launching, managing and growing technology-based business ventures. Spring

ENT 4412 – Managing Small Business Finances

Emphasizes the relationships between the finance function and other company activities. Focuses on financial statements, cash flow, sources of financing, valuation, inventory, and vendor management. Fall, Spring 

ENT 4503 – Social Entrepreneurship

Emphasis on understanding how social entrepreneurs effect change in poor communities in the developing world. Fall, Spring

ENT 4942 – Entrepreneurial Internship

Supervised, entrepreneurial-related work experience in a sponsoring organization. See Management Department for information. Application required. Fall, Spring

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