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Direct Communication

Business Administration I, Room #135
+1 (407) 823-3683

Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and our StarterSpace Community Center is located in room #135 in building BA1 (Business Administraion I) on the primary university campus. The UpStarts Student Venture Accelerator is located in room #130 in BA1, across the lobby from the StarterSpace.

Blackstone LaunchPad

The Blackstone LaunchPad at UCF, located in the lobby of the Student Union, helps students turn their ideas into realities. All students and all ideas are welcome. There are no requirements or prerequisites for making a coaching appointment. All of our services are free and we don’t take equity in students’ ventures. Also, our employees are bound by confidentiality agreements that protect students and their ideas.

Please note: if you are not a current university student or employee, you may not be familiar with standard campus parking protocols. Note that visitors must pay a flat-rate fee of $5.00 for a one-day parking pass. You can purchase these parking passes from the yellow kiosks available in the campus parking garages.

Have questions about the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, the services we offer, or the tools we have out for students to toy around with? Please do not hesitate to reach out. You can also contact us here regarding room reservations for private events.

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