Graduate Programs

Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship provides students with entrepreneurial skills needed to create successful startup ventures. Students in the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship will learn how to recognize opportunities, formulate solutions, design business models, and deliver results. These skills are essential to starting new businesses and are valued by small and large organizations seeking employees who can create and lead innovative new initiatives.

ENT 5016 – New Venture Design

Applies contemporary methodologies to guide the creation, validation, and ongoing development of new business models for startup businesses and other new ventures. 

ENT 5206 – New Venture Implementation

Explains how to execute a well-researched business model by implementing required and strategic actions necessary to launch a new venture. 

ENT 6617 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy

An in-depth examination of strategies that promote the diffusion of innovations and the success of innovation-driven business and social ventures. 
Fall, Summer

ENT 5185 – Technological Entrepreneurship

Graduate standing. Examines how technology and innovation processes affect social and organizational change, and the distinct challenges associated with launching, managing and growing technology-based business ventures. 

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Master’s of Science in Entrepreneurship coming in Fall 2019!

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