The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership helps UCF students succeed by empowering them with entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets. Entrepreneurial leadership capabilities are essential to creating value, making a difference, and experiencing personal and professional fulfillment. Entrepreneurial leaders make things better by creating and leading innovative startups, corporate ventures, and government initiatives that enrich our lives, our economy, and our society.

Why we do it:

Entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets are essential to solving tough problems, making an impact, and achieving success. Entrepreneurship is how we get better!

Participants of a competition hugging it out.

Our belief is grounded in considering entrepreneurship as a method, analogous to the scientific method, that empowers our students to address uncertainty and change with creative solutions. Consistent with popular definitions of entrepreneurship, we teach students how to pursue opportunities that look beyond established job descriptions, practices, and accepted wisdom. These essential, modern capabilities allow our students and alumni to create value and thrive in a changing world.

We encourage ALL UCF STUDENTS to become entrepreneurial leaders who solve problems and make things better!

We empower our students with entrepreneurial mindsets and skill sets.

Learn how to do what you love, make an impact, and future-proof your career


Connect with our startup community and exciting opportunities.


Learn from expert faculty, coaches, and our network of entrepreneurial leaders.


 Create innovations and new ventures with free startup resources and tools.


Showcase your ideas, launch startups, do what you love, and make a difference.

Staff Members

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is led by its Founding Director Dr. Cameron Ford and a highly engaged staff dedicated to providing entrepreneurship education and startup support opportunities to UCF students and recent alumni.

A picture of Dr. Cameron Ford

Dr. Cameron Ford

Photo of Elyse Bressler
Social Media Manager

Elyse Bressler

Photo of Gi-Ting Chen
Graphic Designer

Gi-Ting Chen

Photo of Lauren Flaxman
Program Manager

Lauren Flaxman

Photo of Antonia Jimenez
Student Ambassador

Antonia Jimenez

Photo of Nevada Karazus
Student Ambassador

Nevada Karazus

Photo of Lindsey Lane
Program Manager

Lindsey Lane

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Student Ambassador

Laura Murillo

Isabel Power
LaunchPad Coach

Isabel Power

Photo of Kyle White
LaunchPad Coach

Kyle White

Faculty Members

UCF has invested in outstanding faculty who provide thought leadership in entrepreneurship teaching and research. Our faculty teach entrepreneurial mindsets and methods to over 2000 students per year and enrich our discipline by publishing in premier research journals, appearing in popular media outlets, and graduating outstanding doctoral students who serve as thought leaders at highly regarded universities.

Photo of Dane Blevins
Associate Professor, Management

Dane Blevins, Ph. D.

Photo of James Combs
Professor of Management

James Combs, Ph. D.

Photo of Cameron Ford
Associate Professor, Management

Cameron Ford, Ph. D.

Photo of Jeff Gish
Assistant Professor, Management

Jeff Gish, Ph. D.

Photo of Gary Nichols
Associate Instructor, Management

Gary Nichols

Photo of Michael Pape
Professor in Practice, Management

Michael Pape, Ph. D.

Photo of Tang Wang
Assistant Professor, Management

Tang Wang