One-on-One Coaching

We offer FREE startup coaching sessions in Blackstone LaunchPad, located in the Student Union. Coaching sessions are tailored to each student’s place in developing their startup.

Have an idea?

We’ll help you flush out initial concepts and understand the roadmap to execute on it.

Already formed a company?

We can help overcome obstacles as you look to grow and scale your business.

Just curious?

Participate in events, or sign up for free mentorship.

Meet Our Coaches

Adam Ben-Evi

International Distribution
Product Development

Ron Wilkinson

Forecasting + Budgets
Strategic Planning
Food and Media Ventures

Rachel Stern

High-tech Devices
Social Entrepreneurship
Customer Validation

Mason Mincey

Aerospace Engineering
Drone Technology
Pitching/Public Speaking
Product/Brand Development

Jake Hartigan

R+D Prototyping
Graphic Design
Customer Discovery

Ella Glasgow

Reverse Engineering for Business Clarity
ROCKSTAR Presentations
Target Market Clarification
Music Business

Jimmy Seeber

Marketing and Operations
Cash Flow
Main Street Businesses
Personal Finance

Jason Polstein

Value Creation
Product Development
Systems Development
Hypothesis Testing 

Matthew Polstein

Strategic Planning
Sales Management
Customer Empathy
Problem Solving

Harry Morehead

Real Estate Investment
Sales + Marketing
Strategic Partnerships

Joe Sleppy

Startup Ideation
Customer Discovery

Allen Thompson

Value Proposition Development
Business Modeling
Six Sigma Methodologies
Agile Project Management

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