The CEL provides education, experiences and resources to nourish entrepreneurial thinking and aspirations. The professional strategies we promote can be applied first hand by those seeking to launch a new business, commercialize new technology, work for a small business, or foster innovation in a large corporation.

Educational opportunities are available for every UCF student. Undergraduate academic offerings range from a 3-credit elective to a 12-credit Entrepreneurship Certificate to 18-credit minors in both Entrepreneurship and Technological Entrepreneurship. Graduate students may choose from several electives or sign-up for a 9-credit graduate certificate in either Entrepreneurship or Technology Ventures. Our courses are taught by an outstanding faculty whose lessons and experiential assignments are informed by a blend of contemporary practice (what practitioners are doing) as well as empirical research (what actually works).

We encourage our students to supplement our curriculum offerings with extra-curricular initiatives described elsewhere on our website. We believe the most powerful lessons are gained from blending the structured, rigorous, instructor-paced, collective learning experience from the classroom with the uncertain, personal, self-paced, idiosyncratic learning experience associated with startup coaching and other extra-curricular offerings. Please contact Dr. Cameron Ford at if you have any questions about our academic programs.