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Why are we investing in developing entrepreneurial Knights? Entrepreneurial Leaders are creative, resourceful, persistent, self-starting problem-solvers who create value by contributing to innovative startups, corporate ventures, and government initiatives that enrich our lives, our economy, and our society. Simply put, they create our future.

We believe all UCF students can benefit from taking steps to develop as entrepreneurial leaders. They face a professional future that may span over 50 years. Most will need to reinvent and reposition themselves occasionally, and perhaps radically, to pursue emerging opportunities and avoid obsolescence. Thinking of college as a means of getting a particular job is severely limiting. Alternatively, embracing the higher education experience as the beginning a journey – one that continually engages, challenges, and expands professional capabilities – prepares one to grow, change and meet the demands of subsequent adventures.

The Power of Potential

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Announcing: UCF Starters Transition Program to Canvs

Program Premise UCF’s UpStarts Accelerator and Blackstone LaunchPad (programs of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership) recognize that graduating student startups need transitional community support so that their ventures can continue to grow post-graduation....
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Our New Website is Here

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