Our Mission
& Values

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership helps UCF students succeed by empowering them with entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets. Entrepreneurial leadership capabilities are essential to creating value, making a difference, and experiencing personal and professional fulfillment. Entrepreneurial leaders make things better by creating and leading innovative startups, corporate ventures, and government initiatives that enrich our lives, our economy, and our society.

Our belief is grounded in considering entrepreneurship as a method, analogous to the scientific method, that empowers our students to address uncertainty and change with creative solutions. Consistent with popular definitions of entrepreneurship, we teach students how to pursue opportunities that look beyond established job descriptions, practices, and accepted wisdom. These essential, modern capabilities allow our students and alumni to create value and thrive in a changing world.

Woman presenting her pitch at Techstart Startup.

We encourage all UCF students to become entrepreneurial leaders who solve problems and simply make things better.