For All Talent

Career Services

Harness the potential of Knights Nation to empower UCF students and recent graduates in cultivating successful links between academic and career paths, ultimately facilitating the way to achieve professional satisfaction

For Business Talent

College of Business

The objective of the College of Business Employer Relations Team is to assist students in achieving their goal of securing internships, jobs, or promotions. Dean Paul Jarley's latest initiative, Knightline, is an exclusive online community tailored for UCF business students and employers, aiming to facilitate connections between our students and the companies they aspire to work with.

For Entrepreneurial Talent

Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Startuptree connects students to coaches, mentors, peers, events, competitions, jobs, and internships, fostering a potential marketplace for local startups and small businesses to engage with aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse academic backgrounds. Our aim is to enrich the region's innovation workforce with entrepreneurial talent through this resource.