Undergraduate Programs

The entrepreneurship minor provides students from all academic disciplines with entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets needed to improve career readiness and resilience. Those interested in working for established organizations will benefit by learning modern skills employers seek to promote innovation and sustain success.

The entrepreneurship certificate introduces students to models, methods, and skills associated with developing successful startups and new social, corporate, and government ventures. The certificate is open to students from all majors who want to learn how to turn their ideas into viable projects, startups, and new ventures.

18 credit hours

Entrepreneurship Minor

12 credit hours

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Undergraduate Classes

Here are the most popular courses our undergraduates enroll in to get a headstart on their venture.

ENT3616 / 3 credit hours

Creativity and Entrepreneurship

ENT4013 / 3 credit hours

New Venture Design

ENT4014 / 3 credit hours

New Venture Implementation

ENT4813 / 3 credit hours

Technological Entrepreneurship

ENT4503 / 3 credit hours

Social Entrepreneurship

ENT4942 / 3 credit hours

Entrepreneurial Internship