Classes & Programs

Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset while pursuing an undergraduate or graduate program can be a transformative approach. By fostering a spirit of innovation, resilience, and proactive problem-solving, students can extract maximum value from their educational journey. This mindset encourages them to view challenges as opportunities, seek unconventional paths, and drive their own learning. Integrating entrepreneurial principles equips individuals with the skills to adapt to an ever-evolving job market, think critically, and identify potential niches for growth. Ultimately, infusing academia with an entrepreneurial spirit empowers students to not only excel in their chosen fields but also to forge their unique paths to success. 

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program’s courses highlight entrepreneurship as a creative problem-solving process, emphasizing opportunity recognition, resourcefulness, and leadership across various ventures. These applied courses are centered on creating, evaluating, and launching new businesses or social ventures. They equip students with the skills to implement a well-researched business model for start-ups and address challenges linked to technology-based ventures. Additionally, the courses explore the impact of technology on social and organizational change, with a specific focus on how social entrepreneurs drive transformation in developing communities. 

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Graduate Programs

In the graduate program, the courses apply contemporary methodologies to guide the creation, validation, and ongoing development of new business models for startups and ventures. Students learn to execute well-researched business models by implementing strategic actions for launch. The curriculum explores how technology and innovation impact societal change and the challenges of technology-based ventures. Additionally, there’s an in-depth focus on strategies for innovation diffusion and the success of innovation-driven ventures, with hands-on experience through team-based consulting projects for local small businesses. 

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