Graduate Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship helps students develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets needed to create and lead new innovations, initiatives, and startup ventures. Participants will learn how to recognize opportunities, formulate solutions, design business models, deliver results, and sustain success. These capabilities will empower graduates to help others by providing them with access to innovations that solve important problems.

9 credit hours

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Graduate Classes

Here are the most popular courses that our graduates enroll in to push their venture further.

ENT5016 / 3 credit hours

New Venture Design

ENT5206 / 3 credit hours

New Venture Implementation

ENT5185 / 3 credit hours

Technological Entrepreneurship

ENT6617 / 3 credit hours

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy

ENT5946 / 3 credit hours

Small Business Consulting