UCF offers internships through two channels – through its Office of Experiential Learning, and through specific academic departments.  We encourage students to consider internships in small companies and startup ventures as a means of working closely with top leadership and engaging in essential strategic tasks related to startup and small business success.  The experience you gain from working closely with founders and other company leaders will serve you well in both entrepreneurial and corporate careers. 

Credits earned with an ENT-prefix internship can be applied toward our entrepreneurship minors and certificate program.  Internships established through Experiential Learning or from other academic departments may be considered as well if they contribute to a small business or startup and require activities relevant to designing, launching, and managing new, entrepreneurial ventures.  Please contact Dr. Cameron Ford at to discuss whether specific opportunities might qualify for credit in our undergraduate entrepreneurship programs. 

Internship information provided by UCF’s Office of Experiential Learning can be found here.

Internship information for Entrepreneurship (ENT) and Management (MAN) prefix internships can be found here.